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Tax deferral

Ensure time and tranquility, postpone tax payments.

We arrange lightning all over the Czech Republic

Applies to income tax for natural and legal persons

You will get more time to prepare the documents

Postponement of payment of tax and extension of deadline for submission of tax return for 2017 up to 3 months (this year until 2.7.2018)

With tax deferral, you also get postponement of social and health insurance payments and extension of the deadline for submission of social and health insurance reports up to 3 months (for entrepreneurs - natural persons - self-employed persons)

You will be in the care of professionals with many years of experience in accounting and taxation.

This is a copy of the return without an audit of the accounts, based on the data transmitted (if you are interested in professional accountancy, it is possible to order an additional fee at the same time)

The benefits of postponing the tax return from us:
Procedure for obtaining a tax deferral:

Contact us as soon as possible by email at or by phone 605004351 (Monday - Friday) or fill out this FORM

Tell us ID and IDN, or and other data if it differs from your business information in the official registers or

We will send you a call to pay for the service tax deferment tax, indicating the bank account number, the amount, the variable symbol is your VAT without "CZ"; (if you do not know it or do not have it, please provide your ID

We will send (hand over) you the full power of your company, represented by a statutory representative (eg executive) to our tax advisor

The signed power of attorney must be delivered to the relevant tax office within the statutory time limit

 If it is not delivered to the relevant tax office by 3.4.2018 at the latest, its effectiveness can not be guaranteed. (be careful, however, when sending a power of attorney to the tax office by post, however, is the decisive day of delivery of the power of attorney to the tax office.

The client receives a list of documents needed to check the tax return with additional instructions

The Client undertakes to provide all the necessary documents for submitting the tax return, in the contractually agreed term, ie until 2.4.2018 (unless agreed otherwise)

Upon completion of the tax return, the client will receive a tax return with the signature and a round stamp of the tax adviser and will be sent directly to the tax office via the data box. In case of interest or any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at 605004351

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