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About us

We advise clients on both common situations and non-standard procedures.

We perform tax calculations during the accounting period so that tax obligations can be specifically managed.

Best Account can guarantee you a maximum of stand-alone access and that

already from the initial collection of documents to the subsequent automatic

sending regular reports .

We respond promptly to your requests and strive for maximum interdependence

with the processes of your company, not just the accounting processes, but also

the processes involved tax optimization, economic advice, health and safety at

work and all that in both English and German for your needs.

The company offers a completely new approach to bookkeeping and tax records

Provides tax advisory services

Postponement of tax returns (known as tax deferrals)

Professional processing of all types of tax returns by a tax advisor

It seeks to unify all economic and operational activities

Perform analyzes and reports on your company's business

if you are interested in at least two points from the previous text,

you are on the right track.

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